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Discover undervalued assets

"One of the things I have been thinking about and haven't really executed but I think I would if I were starting today is that there is all these cool products that are on Product Hunt. Every day you think "that's cool". But most of them fizzle. Sometimes they fail to catch and didn't go viral, but a lot of the time it's started by a developer and the developer doesn't understand how to market and grow something. So what I was thinking is that it would be smart to go through product hunt, go back 6 months, and just look at the coolest shit that came out. And then start approaching all these developers and say: "look I give you 5 grand". And to them, they're like "This is useless to me, I've already shut it down, I don't want to pay for hosting". But for you it could be a 5 million dollar business."

- Andrew Wilkinson on the My First Million podcast.

Stop guessing and develop a data-driven launch strategy

The Product Explorer dataset allows you to explore the patterns behind successful product launches.

What kind of tagline do the most popular products use? When do they launch? How exactly do they position themselves?

Find promising product ideas

There are thousands of products that launch successfully each year. But only a small percentage of them tends to stand the test of time.

Using the Product Explorer data you can analyze what kind of products still strive years after the launch and which ideas get abandoned quickly.

Revive dead products

Marc Andreessen once observed that "there are no bad ideas. There are only early ideas."

Our database includes hundreds of products that got a lot of attention when they launched but are already dead now. Maybe now is the right time to revive them? Or maybe they failed because of poor execution and you're able to do better?

In any case, if you start with a validated-but-failed idea, chances are high that your product will attract similar attention. Hence at the very least dead products can serve as perfect inspiration for anyone who wants to develop a side-project marketing strategy.

Identify acquisition targets

The Product Explorer makes it easier to find promising extensions and apps that you can acquire at a great price. For example, you can specifically search for extensions with lots of positive reviews and active users that haven't been updated in the last twelve months. (This is potentially a sign that the developers behind it are no longer fully committed and hence don't see it as a valuable asset.)


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me on Twitter: @jakobgreenfeld or email: JakobGreenfeld [at]

- Jakob Greenfeld

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